Waiting for Her Warrior #69
Cost of this collection is $35.00.  Includes everything except buttons and the split design.

This collection  contains a variety of designs  and sizes  which will offer many variations 
to display your talent and individuality.  Included are pictures of projects completed by Betty and others  using the designs. 

Janice Washer has split the 6x10 hoop size of the Maiden to allow you to sew her out using  a 5x7 hoop.  After purchasing you may contact her for this option.  Email   [email protected]

***A new option with this collection is that we are offering buttons to enhance your projects.  Betty has used the buttons in the hair of the maiden and also on the lance and feathers.  There is a picture of sample buttons at the bottom of the page.  The cost of the buttons is not included in the price of the designs.  The buttons could be used with other Southwest projects.  We thought that this type of button might be difficult for you to find.   They are made of German Silver and not sterling silver. 

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Shown here with no button in hair.
Maiden comes in two sizes
5.93"x 10.06"
4.02" x 6.81"

Comes in four sizes
6.61"x  3.35"
3.32"x 1.68"
2.07" x  1.05"
.98" x 1.95"
Small size could be used between buttons.

Shown here with button in hair.
Sames sizes as other maiden
except with button added.

Feather and Lance
2 sizes 9.50" x 4.06"
6.75" x 2.88"
with and without fringe

Pocket Topper

Feather pocket topper.
2.77" x 3.70"

Between the Buttons Design
.58" x 2.04"

5.70" x 4.74" 
7.51" x 6.27"

Pocket Topper
3.84"x  1.06"

Betty's Shirt front and yoke.

The buttons are 5/8" in Diameter.
$1.50 each.

Between the Buttons Star
2 sizes
.96 " x .95"
1.49" x 1.45"

Vest made by Shari Morningstar
[email protected]

Garment made by Margie
[email protected]

Nora Lee Corbett's purse
Email comments or question to
[email protected]
They will be forwarded to Nora

Purse is a functional design with
room for embroidery.  Beautifully made
by Nora.


Framed Stitch out by Pat Silvernell
[email protected]


Card by Pat Silvernell
[email protected]