Tall Western Ladies Collection #44

This collection comes with both the
4"x 4" and  5"x 7" sizes.
This group consists of twelve (12) designs.   Two of the designs come in more than one size. 
This design collection  has been thoughtfully  put together to allow a variety of
interesting combinations.   The background scenes (Mountains and Outline Mission) are done in low
density so that it is possible to stitch over them with another design.  
 Be sure to see projects at bottom of page.

The cost of the collection is $35.00

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2.79" x 6.98"

2.93" x 6.81"

2.87" x 6.67"

2.48" x 3.82"
3.65" x 6.89"

Arizona Annie

Old Tex

Santa Fe Sue

Saguaro Cactus

6.21" x 5.01"

6.21" x 5.01"

6.87" x 2.95"

1.24" x 2.50"
.76" x 1.51"


Complete Mission

Mission (Outline)

Mountain Scene


6.91" x 2.69"

3.56" x 3.48"

1.50" x  2.34"

1.05" x 1.34"

Straight Fence

Corner Fence

Camp Fire


Vest made by Carol Colburn
[email protected] 

Jumper by Phyllis Barclay
[email protected]


Beautiful Vest by
Tina Fountain
[email protected]

Look carefully at 
placement of designs.

Click on picture to see
larger image.

Bag by Gayle Hellebrandt
[email protected]

Shirt by Shirley Mandler
[email protected]

Beautifully done vest
Gene Judge
[email protected]