Southwest Ladies 
Large Collection #29

Small Collection #28

The designs are available in the 4"x 4" or 5" x7" format. The cost of each size is $25.00.

Click on the Ladies to see full size with more detail. ***Look for free design below.***

Building the Fire

Carrying the Water

Gathering the Sticks

Shaking the Blanket

Monument Valley


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Gourds and Vines

Sheep Herder

Walking the Baby

Free Design

Century Plant

Ann Cobb's alphabet "Salsa"

was used to embroidery days

of the week.

Web site

Project by Barbara Hoerbert

Email> [email protected]

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Barbara also used Cactus Blossom & Buffalo Designs

Betty's shirt front and back.

Designs can be arranged in

interesting scenes

Click on them to see details.


Hanger Cover by Betty

Shows versatility of designs

to create scenes

Click on picture to see details. Scene is done on denim.

!!Correction !!
T shirt by Helen Thompson
email>[email protected] 

Email>[email protected]

Marilynn Massey's  Jacket
[email protected]

Ladies Wall Hanging
Mary P. Taylor
[email protected]


Great set of Towels by 
Pat Silvernell

[email protected]