Papa's Angels Collection
Collection # 46 Small  

Collection #48 Large
Papa's Angels consist of 9 designs available in either the 4x4 or 5x7 size.
The cost of the collection in either size is
There is a free design for you test stitch and see the quality of the designs.

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Small           Large

Batting Practice 
2.71x3.81   4.37x6.70

Noah's Ark
3.04x3.84   4.91x6.18

Mommy's Flowers
2.97x3.78   4.85x6.19

Bucket of Fish
3.28x3.81   4.91x5.72

Star Dust
3.52x3.78    4.93x5.30

Over the Plate
3.36x3.84   4.97x6.01

Kites R Fun
2.13x3.91   3.80x6.94

Interesting Reading
3.92x2.89   6.37x4.72

Home Run
2.83x3.85   4.91x6.68

Quilt by Jackie
[email protected]