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A  request by a grieving mother  resulted in a new free design by Betty.  A child lost to its mother has become an angel.  This design is in memory of this little girl.  If you use this design think of the loss, to  the family of this child each time you stitch it out.  Thank God, if you haven't suffered a similar loss.   It is by His grace that we haven't. 

Click on the stitch out of the angel to download.

A china painting friend of Betty's was recently stung  by a scorpion.  She (it turns out) is allergic to the scorpion venom and experienced some alarming symptoms requiring  a visit to a hospital emergency room.   She is now O.K. but Betty felt she should have something to mark this event.  Betty digitized a scorpion and stitched it out on a towel for her use as a gentle reminder of this dangerous experience. 

Betty has decided to share the digitized scorpion with those of you that would like to have it.  If you would like to have this (free) design click on the scorpion below to download it.

A customer asked for an alternate October for the Monthly Sunbonnets.  Betty re-digitized this design from the original sunbonnets in the 5x7 format.  She is aware that many people would rather not use the design with the pointed witches' hat.  If you have no objection and would like to have this design as a gift from Betty you may download it.  Click on the size to download. 

Small                  Large


Changes in Web Site:
Almost daily we receive pictures of projects.  I try to share these with everyone as quickly as possible.  I am now truly retired and have more time to devote to this.  If I have lost any picture or projects I apologize.  Norma Meincken towels using Glamour Patches.  This picture is on the bottom of the Glamour Patches Page.  On the Patches page you can view a picture of  aprons done by Pat Urbeck.    Gayle Hellebrandt, who has done a Blouse with Nonnie's Angels.  Her blouse is in the project section on Nonnie's Angels Page.   We just received another great  project.  A denim bag by Barbara Hoffman using the Monthly Sunbonnets.  Click on her name to see the page with her bag.  Shirley Freeman's T shirt using the Southwest Ladies is striking.  Betty and I met Marilynn Massey in Dallas at Club Ed.  We were very impressed by her jacket and the use of Betty's designs. (Marilynn's use of Nonnie's Angels on a Stationery Holder)   Michelle Thorfinnsson grandmother's Quilt is a beauty.  Laurie Baker's Towels are also great.  Towels by Dee Kitchell have an expression "MY NOT DO IT!  A frequently used one by her triplet grandchildren.  Take a look.  Hope you have time to see all these latest projects and also share your projects with us. 

You can download the pem file for Betty's presentation here.  Carpenter Sue pem file.

Notes for digitizing Sues.  


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