Glamour Patches

Collection #31

Glamour Patches will be offered in 4 x 4" size onlyThe cost of the collection is  $25.00.    

Collection will consist of nine (9) designs.
The design Clothes R Packed  is free to download.  Just click on the design.

Be sure to see projects at bottom of page.

Bubbles Relaxation
2.96" x 3.50"

Cruise Night
2.17" x 3.74"

Twirling and Playing
2.33" x 3.76"

After the Bath
2.96" x 3.50"

Palm Beach Tan
3.22" x 3.72"

3.34" x 3.73"

Free Design
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Clothes R Packed
1.92" x 3.74"

Bad Hair Day
2.22" x3.73"

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Baby blanket by

Romping Baby
3.81" x 2.77"

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Towels by

Towel by
Norma Meincken

email>[email protected]

Quilt by
Margie in CA
Email>[email protected]