Crayon Boys

Betty's new art project combines an old technique used in the 1940's with hand embroidery.  Using Betty's embroidery designs you will create an outline on your fabric squares.  Then revert back to your childhood to finish them by using crayons.   To assist you  materials will include pencil drawings to let you know where the shading should be, and a completed  color picture for color selection.  In her class and book (instructions) she will show you how to complete the individual squares to use in projects of your choice.

The Cost of the set is $35.00
The CD will include outlines of the boys in two hoop sizes.  (4x4) (5x7)  It will also include a PDF file with instructions for coloring the boys.  This includes a full color picture of each boy and a pencil sketch showing where shading should be done.  Color selection and colors for shading are included.   

This collection delivered only by mail Shipping Handling $4.00.    

Images below are of actual completed squares on fabric. 

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Snowball Fight

First Girlfriend

Sorry Mom

Here's Dinner

Mom! It's Melting

Old Paint and Me

Summer's Over

Worked Up a Sweat

No Wind

Puddle Jumper

First Report Card

It Was a Home Run


These designs have also been  put into an embroidery Cross Stitch format by Becky J.  They are available for purchase by going to her website