Cactus Blossom Collection #2

Cost of Collection is $15.00

Cactus Blossoms

This packet contains 17 designs taken from the Cactus design on my web page. It contains a FULL SCENE in lg. (3.40X3.46), Medium (2.55X2.59). There is a SEMI-CIRCLE OF CACTUS AND BLOSSOMS in 3 sizes. A BUD B BLOSSOM in 3 sizes. A SINGLE FULL BLOSSOM in 3 sizes.

Color Choices

Colors were pretty hard to choose from the limited color palette supplied from the software used. Saguaro blossoms may range from white to a red. These blossoms open at night and only last a short time. They may be 5 inches across. The Saguaro will grow to a height of 50 feet. The cactus with the blossoms is not a Saguaro. The cactus blossoms are from the the Cholla which can be found in Arizona, Nevada, California and northern Mexico. In the spring it has purple flowers followed by large, yellow fruit. The Cholla can grow to a height of 6 feet. They are a magenta type purple and not a true purple. I stitched them in a pale yellow to show detail when stitched out on the white felt. I also used the pale yellow to stitch on a purple blouse.

This package contains this

design in 2 sizes (see above

for dimensions.)

Two sizes of this design are

shown. The large and small

are shown, the medium size

is not shown.

This package contains this design

in 3 sizes. Small, medium, and large.


This design will be in 3 sizes.

Click on this design to download

the large version of this blossom.

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