Betty's Personal Page

We thought we might give you a glimpse into what Betty does when she is not digitizing.  She loves to paint.   Walls, china, doors, furniture, kitchen tile, almost any thing that does not move.  I am afraid I might wake up one morning and have a little body art work done on me. 

 Really the embroidery is a form of painting.   The media has just changed for her from paint to threads.  In her latest work she is mixing (blending) thread colors to achieve the shading and  the results she wants.   So I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of her work.  (Also what she doesn't like to do.)

Gourds are her latest thing to paint on.

An oil painting Southwest Theme.

Door in o our bedroom.

Mural on family room wall.  We have two girls then Betty makes three.   Guess who Betty says is the Burro?

One example of the porcelain Betty has painted.

A part of a table top she has painted

Back of a chair.  There is story that goes with the painting when you can see it all.

Chair Seat.

Bedroom wall with hand prints of grandchildren.  There are some  hieroglyphics also, all done on the wall that is painted to look like stone. 

Michael has to fend for himself.  Betty is busy.  Painting not cooking.

This picture is the stove.  Seldom used.  It also shows some of the tiles she painted for the kitchen.